Toms River HVAC Service
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Toms River HVAC Service
2115 Rte 9, NJ 08755

For fast service call
(732) 240-2828

Toms River Heating Service

Reliable Heating Service in Toms River

The most important part of any home comfort system is the initial design and installation. Second to that is the quality of equipment used. BC Express gives you the best of both aspects as we make it a point to custom-design indoor comfort systems to meet the specific needs of your home, budget and efficiency goals. Sometimes this means working with a hybrid heating system, and other times it may mean utilizing a single-stage gas furnace or a packaged system. Whether it’s furnace repair, installation, or maintenance, we are the Toms River, NJ, heating company to call for the highest level of comfort! Give BC Express a call today for a quote or complete our request an estimate form and we’ll get back to you in no time!

Emergency Heating Services from BC Express

When you need emergency heater and furnace repair services, BC Express Heating & Air Conditioning is ready to help you. We offer emergency service 7 days a week, so we’ll be there to help, no matter when you need us.

For emergency service, please call us at (732) 203-5608.

At BC Express, your safety is our top priority. If you notice any of the following, please exit your home immediately and call your utility company and fire department before contacting us:

• Strong fuel odor
• Smoke or flames coming from equipment
• Smoke and/or carbon monoxide detector sounding

Remember, any equipment that uses fuel or electricity can become dangerous if it malfunctions. Always use caution and call BC Express right away with any emergency concerns.

Important factors in choosing your heating system

If you’re living in an old house with an old heating system, chances are you are paying too much to warm up your home. Especially with heating systems installed before 1992, when efficiency was only required to be 78%. Modern heating systems provide more energy- and cost-efficient solutions, which can bring down your monthly expenses during the winter months, in addition to reducing your carbon footprint. We often find that replacing your heating system pays for itself as your monthly electric bills tend to decrease significantly with your new systems. Depending on your needs and budget, you can choose either natural gas or fuel oil for the energy source, as well as forced air or hot water for the distribution system. We offer furnaces, boilers and electric heat pumps, as well as insulation services. At BC Express, we retail and install only the best brands of heaters as your satisfaction is of utmost importance to us.

Heating repair and heating installation

Whatever your budget, you can trust BC Express to provide you with the most sensible heating options for your home — from heating repair to heating design and installation. We’re known for our friendly service, top-quality work and exceptional comfort systems using equipment from industry leading manufacturers. Our trusted professionals will guide you throughout the process of your HVAC system upgrade – from prior consultation all the way to the safe and fast installation.

Various heating systems to choose from

There are several different kinds of heating systems to choose from in today’s market. Central heating can be provided by furnaces, boilers and heat pumps. Whereas direct heat can be provided by gas-fired space heaters, electric space heaters, wood burning and pellet stoves and fireplaces. However, there are more advanced and efficient ways to heat your home, such as:

  • Ductless heating – Refrigerant lines are used instead of water and air. These are powered by electricity and can be very energy efficient.

Upgrade your heating system today! Call us for a quote.

“The installation could not have been better. Your installers Joe and Brett were great. Very efficient and professional. We are very pleased with all the people we dealt with, including office staff.” — Paul S.

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