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If your HVAC system is giving you the blues in Barnegat, New Jersey, give us a call to get you and your family back comfortable in your home. At BC Express, our goal is to provide local residents and businesses from Lincoln Park to Settlers Landing with complete comfort climate control solutions that fit your lifestyle and budget.

We offer a complete list of HVAC related services that will best serve your needs, including heating, air conditioning, ductless mini-split systems, boiler services and more. Our technicians are factory-trained, NATE-certified, and strive to ensure you are completely satisfied, guaranteed.

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BC Express is Barnegat’s trusted HVAC contractor for home or business.

Air Conditioning Services

Don’t sweat the things you can’t control, like unexpected AC repairs. Instead, let BC Express service your air conditioning system to ensure it is performing at its full potential for many years to come. We offer AC installation and replacement, AC repair, and AC maintenance tune-ups, so that you can enjoy cool air, even on the hottest days of the year in Barnegat.

Heating Services

We know that heat repairs can give you the chills, but it doesn’t have to be that way. At BC Express, we offer heating services that will keep you warm while staying within your budget. To help keep your heater running smoothly during the frigid winter months, we provide heating installation and replacement services, heating maintenance plans, and heating repairs everyday in Barnegat. 

Ductless System Services

So you need additional heating and cooling comfort in a space, but additional ductwork isn’t possible? No worries, we can install a ductless mini-split system in your home or office space. At BC Express, we offer ductless systems services to help you provide additional climate control comfort for any room you please. 

Heat Pump Services

If you are looking for a more permanent solution to a ductless mini-split system, consider a heat pump. At BC Express, we install heat pumps for our customers who want a permanent dual heating and cooling system for their home and business. And as a potential customer, we want to offer this service to you too. 

Furnace Services

Furnaces are one of the most common types of heating systems used to warm American households. It’s no surprise, as furnaces are a convenient and efficient heating solution for many homes. At BC Express, we handle everything from furnace repairs, to maintenance, to installations and replacements. We’re committed to keeping your home warm and safe all winter long.

Boiler Services

The best thing about a boiler system is that it acts as a water heater and furnace all in one. This system will provide you with hot water and heat all from one unit in your home or business in Barnegat. At BC Express, we will install, repair and maintain your boiler system to keep you warm during the winter with hot water everyday of the year.

Oil to Gas Conversion Services

Burning fuel oil in your boiler can be a costly monthly expense for your home or business. To help reduce your energy bill, while using a safer and cleaner heating source, you should switch from oil to gas. At BC Express, we will walk you through the process of switching to gas boilers, so that you can enjoy the same heating comfort, that’s better for the environment and your budget.

Indoor Air Quality Services

If you notice that you are coughing, sneezing, or sinuses flare up the most when you are inside your home or business, that is a sign that the air quality inside isn’t pure. At BC Express, we offer indoor air quality services to remove dust particles, bacteria, and allergens from your home to provide better respiratory health for you and your family in Barnegat.

Electrical Services

BC Express not only delivers reliable HVAC services to the residents and businesses of central New Jersey, but we also take pride in providing high-quality electrical services. Our electricians are committed to delivering the same level of expertise and courtesy that you have come to expect from our HVAC technicians. Count on us for emergency repairs, fixture installations, generators, electrical panel replacements, and more.

Always expect BC Express to provide excellent HVAC services in Barnegat, NJ

We only offer the best to our customers in Barnegat and surrounding cities in New Jersey. At BC Express, we are pleased to provide the best in high-efficiency heating and cooling equipment, as well as indoor air quality products and hot water heaters. Whether you need maintenance, repair or replacement, call us at 732-240-2828 and we will be happy to help you.