Heat Pump Repair in Brick, NJ

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When your heat pump breaks down, you should call BC Express immediately for prompt, professional service. We are a credible HVAC contractor for heat pump repairs in Brick and Central NJ. Our NATE-certified technicians will troubleshoot and get your system running again. You can count on us to keep your heat pump system running like new.

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Signs Your Heat Pump Needs Repairs

The most obvious sign of a heat pump repair is when it stops working altogether. But that's not the only sign to watch for. Here’s what you should look for:

  • Your heat pump doesn’t heat or cool your home properly
  • The outdoor unit is iced over
  • Your heat pump is making unusual noises, like squealing or grinding sounds
  • You’ve noticed a spike in your energy bills

If you are experiencing any of these signs, call BC Express. Scheduling a service call with us at the first sign of system issues is important. A fast response can catch small problems before they become larger, more expensive ones.

If your heat pump is beyond repair or the cost is not worth repair, we can help. Our expert technicians can help choose a new heat pump that meets your home and budget needs. We can help you find incentives and rebates to help make a new heat pump more affordable. We also help qualified buyers with financing to make your new heat pump more affordable.

Let our experts demonstrate how efficient a properly maintained heat pump can be.

Call BC Express when you need emergency heat pump repair in Brick, New Jersey

To learn more about our emergency 24/7 heat pump repair service, simply call us at 732-240-2828. We will diagnose and repair your system to get you back to being comfortable in your home or business.