Why Do I Need Heating Maintenance for My Home?

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Two small children wrapped in cozy blankets and winter hats sitting in the window seat, holding stuffed animals.The winter months are fast approaching, whether we like it or not. Many people have likely already turned the heat on in their homes on at least a couple of occasions. You should know, however, if you haven’t had your heating system properly maintained this year, it may not be operating at its best and most efficient. Just like your vehicle needs oil changes and tune-ups in order to stay safe and road-ready, your heating equipment also needs a check-up and cleaning from time to time, too.

Getting annual maintenance for your home heating system is important for a number of reasons:

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System Warranty: Many homeowners are unaware of this, but generally speaking their heating equipment will come with some form of warranty. Often, this warranty requires that they get annual maintenance in order for the warranty to remain valid. What does that mean for you as a homeowner? If you haven’t had your equipment checked out by a professional in a while, your warranty may be void, leaving you to pay for any repairs out of pocket.

System Efficiency: When you don’t get heating maintenance, you may find that your utility bills increase even though you’re not as comfortable as you’d like. That’s because when your system isn’t properly maintained, it can get dirt, gunk and buildup inside that keep it from running its best. The harder your system has to work, the more energy it uses – and the less efficient it becomes. Proper maintenance allows for a cleaning of your system, replacement of dirty filters and lubrication of moving parts.

Better Indoor Air: In forced-air heating systems, usually there is a filter that is used to keep dust and other particles at bay. If your system isn’t receiving the maintenance it needs, though, your filter may be neglected. Over time, those particles build up on your filter, not only making your system work harder, but also making the air circulating throughout your home dirty, too. With annual maintenance, you can trust that your filter will be changed, keeping the air flowing freely – and without contaminants.

How can BC Express help with heating maintenance needs?

At BC Express, we provide expert heating system maintenance, delivered by our professional, highly trained technicians. They’ll make sure your system is operating effectively and efficiently, and inspect your system thoroughly, including these steps:

  • Check the unit for gas leaks or carbon monoxide.
  • Replace the filters or clean washable lifetime filters.
  • Inspect the gas valve safety seal and adjust the flame.
  • Measure the amp draws and voltage compared to manufacturer safety specifications.
  • Inspect the flu piping for restrictions and air leaks.
  • Check the safety switches and fan controls.
  • Clean the furnace and/or air handler to remove flammable particles.

When you need maintenance for your heating system, it’s as easy as giving us a call, or visiting us online to schedule service. Simply click here or call us at 732.240.2828, and we will be more than happy to help you with your heating system maintenance needs.

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