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A woman sitting in the window seat with a hot cup of tea next to a stack of neatly folded hand-knit blankets and a basket filled with balls of yarn.In today’s home heating world, one of the main buzzwords is efficiency. As people become more concerned about energy use and their impact on the planet, they’re looking for more innovative ways to heat and cool their homes. One technology that’s becoming popular with homeowners throughout the Northeast is the heat pump system. Although heat pumps have been used in other regions of the country for some time, new innovations have made them a viable alternative, even in cooler climates.

Heat pumps have many advantages, the most obvious being their high energy efficiency. They offer heating without the use of fossil fuels, helping you save on energy costs and leave a smaller footprint on the planet. But another advantage to choosing a heat pump system to heat your home is that you can also use it to cool your home in the summer. Because heat pumps work by drawing the heat out of the air, they can either pump heat into your home in the winter or out of your home in the summer.

How are heat pumps the ideal choice, even in cooler climates?

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Manufacturers knew that heat pumps were a reliable and highly efficient form of heating and cooling for their customers in the south, so they researched how to create a system that would work in the colder climates of the north. The result was a cold climate heat pump, which, according to the Department of Energy, is a sound heating solution, even in colder areas. Different configurations include central ducted models, which can be used in homes with available ductwork, as well as ductless models that are ideal for homes without ductwork, such as those with baseboard heating.

And, modern heat pumps use a type of refrigerant that is more environmentally sound as well. It does not harm the ozone layer and provides a higher efficiency than older forms of refrigerant. That adds to the overall efficiency of heat pump systems – the Dept. of Energy indicates that the annual savings with a heat pump system is around 3000 kWh over electric heat, and 6200 kWh over oil.

BC Express can help you find the perfect heat pump system for your home.

If you’ve been thinking about getting a new heating system for your home, turn to the experts at BC Express to help. We can explain the benefits of a heat pump system and help you decide if it’s the right choice for your home. To find out more, just call us at 732-240-2828, and we’ll be happy to help you.

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