Is My Thermostat an Important Part of My Home Comfort System?

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woman adjusting thermostatMost people know they need a heating system or air conditioner to keep the air in their homes comfortable all year long. But oftentimes, people don’t realize what an important component of their HVAC system the thermostat is. It might not seem very significant, but your thermostat plays perhaps the most important role in keeping your family comfortable.

Your thermostat is the starting point of your home’s heating and cooling system. It’s responsible for prompting your equipment to provide cooling and heating, as well as regulating and monitoring the temperature in your home. In this article, we’ll tell you more about the importance of your home’s thermostat, as well as how to make sure it helps your HVAC system operate as efficiently as possible.

Thermostat 101 – Learn More About It!

  1. People in my home change the temperature often. I know this isn’t great for my HVAC equipment. What can I do about it? It’s very true that your heating and cooling equipment will operate more effectively and efficiently if left set to a certain temperature. (Most experts agree that this number is between 68ºF and 72ºF.) Of course, we all have members of our household who like to turn the heat way up, or conversely way down. You can remedy this by choosing a programmable thermostat, or a smart thermostat that allows you to remotely monitor the temperature in your home.
  2. What’s the benefit of choosing a programmable thermostat besides temperature control? Programmable thermostats allow you to set the temperature in your home to a certain level, usually while you’re home, away, or sleeping. For example, you might like keeping your home’s temperature around 72ºF when everyone is home and awake, but prefer a cooler temperature for sleeping. A programmable thermostat allows you to set it and forget it, so you stay comfortable throughout the day. An added bonus – this helps your equipment operate more effectively and efficiently, and that can save money on energy bills.
  3. Are smart thermostats even worth it? While this is highly dependent on your home and lifestyle needs, choosing to install a smart thermostat may be the ideal move if you have newer, high-efficiency equipment. More and more manufacturers are offering smart thermostats as an add-on (or even part of the package) when you install new equipment. That’s because smart thermostats really do promote energy efficiency, and they make it much easier for busy families to monitor their HVAC systems. Most smart thermostats work in conjunction with an app, and therefore can easily be controlled via computer, tablet, or smartphone.
  4. Does my thermostat need batteries? If so, how often should I change them? Some thermostats are wired into your home’s electrical system, and as a result, don’t need batteries. However, many thermostats do use batteries. Depending on the thermostat type, the batteries will vary. Many use AA or AAA size, but some use disc-style batteries. It’s a good idea to keep the right type of battery on hand and to change your thermostat’s batteries once or twice a year. Not sure how to change the battery? No worries. BC Express can help!
  5. Is it really more expensive to turn your thermostat way down when you’re not home? It’s okay to set your thermostat down (or up) a few degrees when you’re not at home, but a dramatic temperature change (more than 10 degrees) is going to cost you money. That’s because a significant change in temperature means that your heating system will need to work harder and use a lot of energy to get the heat back up in your home, and vice-versa for your AC system.
  6. I have heating, cooling, humidification, and indoor air quality equipment. Is one thermostat able to handle all of my systems? Fortunately, there are advanced thermostats available that are able to handle all of your home comfort equipment from one platform. Thermostats such as these are able to control your heating, cooling, IAQ, humidification, and ventilation systems all in one, and are generally easily operated using an application. That means you’ll be able to monitor and control your home comfort equipment, even while away. These thermostats require professional installation in order to ensure they’re performing properly with all your equipment.

When you need a new thermostat for your home, BC Express can help.

Whether you need a simple programmable thermostat installation or a smart thermostat that’s capable of controlling an entire suite of home comfort equipment, BC Express is ready to help you get the thermostat you need. We’re pleased to provide you with a wide range of thermostats, as well as expert installation. At BC Express, we can help you choose the right thermostat product for your home. Let us help you get the thermostat products, as well as the installation, maintenance, and repair services, you need for your home. Simply give us a call at 732-240-2828, and we will be happy to assist you.

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