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HVAC specialist consults with customer about his heating system in his home.

Chilly days and even colder nights make having a heating system that’s in good working order important – not only for your comfort, but for the health and safety of your family. That being said, when the weather is at its coldest is when your heating system is working its hardest – and if there are any mechanical issues, you could be headed for a breakdown.

While getting annual maintenance on your system is the best thing you can do to ensure a breakdown doesn’t occur, it can still happen. If it does, you need a professional heating company that can help you as soon as possible. When you trust the experts at BC Express, we’ll make sure you get the repair service you need, quickly. We provide emergency heating repair services seven days a week, so we’ll be there to help you, no matter when you need us.

In some heating system emergencies, seek additional help right away.

There are certain circumstances that can cause your heating system to malfunction and create an unsafe situation for you and your family. BC Express always makes your safety our number one priority. If you notice any of the following, you should exit your home immediately, and contact your utility company and local fire department right away:

  • Strong fuel odor
  • Smoke and/or flames coming from your equipment
  • Smoke and/or carbon monoxide detector alarm sounding

Any equipment that uses fuel or electricity can become dangerous during a malfunction. Please don’t try to tackle mechanical issues yourself – call BC Express at the first sign of failure. Left unchecked, small problems can become larger concerns, and we want you and your family to be safe above all else!

What should you expect when you call BC Express for heating repair services?

Above all else, you can expect the utmost in professionalism and customer service. We make it our mission to take care of our customers to their complete satisfaction. Whether you have a boiler, furnace, ductless heating system or heat pump, our technicians are specially trained to troubleshoot your equipment and make the repairs needed to get it up and running again. We look for the right solutions to fit your lifestyle, your budget and the unique needs of your home.

And, in the unfortunate circumstance where repairs are either too costly or impossible, we will help you find a new system that can help you and your family stay warm all winter long. We strive to provide our customers with the best, most advanced heating equipment on the market that not only offers optimal comfort, but the highest level of energy efficiency possible as well – up to 98.5 percent!

If you need emergency repair services for your home, don’t hesitate – call BC Express at 732.203.5608. We will be more than happy to make sure you get the repairs you need – and keep you and your family safe and comfortable all winter long.

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