Get Better Home Heating this Winter with These Tips

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With temperatures outside getting colder by the day, your home heating system might be working overtime to get the job done. Older homes and larger homes can be especially difficult to keep warm during the winter, and factors like the type and age of the heating system you have installed can have an impact on how warm your home stays when the weather outside turns frightful! Fortunately, there are a few things you as a homeowner can do to maximize your home comfort, no matter how chilly it gets!

We’re sharing a few tips you can easily try out to help keep your home warmer, starting today. Some are remedies you can do yourself fairly inexpensively, while some others are easy changes BC Express can help you with. They can help you keep your home warmer without having to crank up the heat – and that can help you save on those heating bills in the long run. The best part? You and your family will be more comfortable, too!

Simple Steps to Keep Your Home Warmer

BC Express can help you
Maximize your home heating.

  • Keep the cold air outside where it belongs! Doors and windows that are drafty can let that chilly air into your house, and conversely, let the heated air outdoors (where it certainly won’t help you stay comfortable!) Keep drafts at bay with weatherstripping and draft guards, which usually can easily be found at your hardware store.
  • Go programmable. A programmable thermostat (which we can properly install for you) can help you make the most of your home heating system, by having a set temperature for when people are home, as well as when you’re away or sleeping. There are even “smart” thermostats available that can “learn” the habits of your family and provide you with optimal comfort.
  • Consider humidification. In the winter, homes often become dry because of the heat running, and drier air tends to feel cooler. You can pick up a small room humidifier just about anywhere, or if you would like to add humidified air to your entire home, we can install a whole-house humidification system for you.
  • Go heavy on the draperies. Window treatments can provide more than a decorative element to your home; they can actually help keep it warmer in the winter. Heavier draperies keep the warm air from escaping out your windows and help to keep the colder air at bay.
  • Let the sunshine in! Conversely, on days that are warmer and sunnier, make sure to naturally heat up your home by pulling the blinds or curtains and letting the sun’s rays warm your home.

Let BC Express help you stay warm and toasty this winter.

At BC Express, it’s always our goal to help our customers stay nice and warm, no matter how cold it gets outside. If you need heating products or services, you can count on us to help! All you need to do is give us a call at 732.240.2828. We’ll be happy to schedule an appointment with you to discuss your home heating needs, and to help you find the best solutions for you and your family – whether you need maintenance, repair, or a brand-new system.

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