BC Express Helps You Keep Your Cool During the Dog Days of Summer

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When August arrives in the Toms River area, you can count on hazy, hot and humid weather coming your way, too. And if your home’s air conditioning system isn’t up to snuff, that can mean a lot of discomfort for you and your family. Nobody wants to feel hot and sticky, especially when they come inside for a reprieve from the heat. That’s why it’s good to know you can count on BC Express to help you get the air conditioning products and services you need for when summer is at its hottest.

At BC Express, we believe in helping our customers explore all their options when it comes to home cooling. We always strive to provide air conditioning products and services that not only can help you and your family stay cool and comfortable, but also are affordable and provide energy efficiency – and savings on your utility bills. When you install a new system with us, we design it with your home’s build and your unique lifestyle needs in mind.

Why is the design, sizing and installation of an air conditioning system so important?

Stay Cool All Summer Long.


No matter how expensive an AC system you purchase, it needs to be designed, sized and installed correctly or it won’t work effectively, and certainly not efficiently. Worst of all, a poorly installed system won’t last as long – and that can cost you a lot of money down the road. At BC Express, we take many different elements into consideration when providing you with a new air conditioning system. That way, we can determine what your needs are, and make sure that the system we install is exactly what you need for cool comfort. We look at:

  • The size of the space you want to cool
  • The type of insulation in your home
  • Other heat producing factors in the space (ovens, direct sunlight, etc.)
  • Your budget for a new system purchase

Then, we work to provide you with the best, most efficient air conditioning system for your money. Part of our philosophy at BC Express is making sure our customers get all the discounts and rebates available to them, so they can save money on a new system from the start. Not to mention, we install technologically advanced AC systems that have been built for energy efficiency, which can help you save money in the long run, too.

When you choose to work with us, you’ll be able to rest assured that the system you receive is the best for your home. We understand that choosing the right air conditioning system can be confusing, and most homeowners need assistance from professionals in order to make the best possible decision. At BC Express, our technicians are highly skilled, expert craftspeople who take great pride in a job well done. Our entire company is committed to your comfort, and helping you save money in the process.

So if the dog days of summer have you feeling the heat, just give BC Express a call and we will be more than happy to help you stay cool – and save money in the process! You can reach us at 732-240-2828 – we look forward to your call and can’t wait to help you and your family enjoy the comfort you deserve.

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