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Toms River HVAC Service
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Greenspeed® Intelligence

December 26, 2017

When it comes to your home comfort, you should be greedy. Carrier’s line of Infinity® furnaces can provide up to 98.5% gas efficiency, tight temperature control and quiet operation.

The key is Greenspeed™ intelligence —the inter-system communication breakthrough that unites Carrier’s adaptable-speed technology with Infinity intelligence.

Greenspeed intelligence gives homeowners precise comfort, constantly matching the system’s output to the heating demands of the home at low capacity the majority of the time. This translates into reduced energy use and reduced temperature swings throughout a home. Integrating luxury-level comfort control into a home so smoothly and quietly, you’ll forget it’s there.

It’s the new technology that takes into account your complete comfort. From degrees to dollars to decibels.

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