Toms River HVAC Service
2115 Rte 9, NJ 08755

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Toms River HVAC Service
2115 Rte 9, NJ 08755

For fast service call
(732) 240-2828

Toms River Air Conditioning Service

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*Up to $1000 available towards select high efficiency mini-split heating and cooling upgrades through New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program™. $1650 in manufacturer rebates available on select systems. See dealer for details. New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program is brought to you by the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities and does not endorse any one particular contractor.


Know your A/C Options

There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to designing the air condition service for your home. You will need to consider how big the area is that needs to be cooled, how insulated the space is, what other heat producing factors might be present (such as a kitchen or sunlight), what your budget might be and much more. Depending on these criteria, you can then start to consider the various air conditioning systems available to you. These include:

  • Window air conditioner: A low-cost and common option for single-room cooling, it contains all the parts in one box and has to fit in a window.
  • Split air conditioner: Just as it sounds, this air conditioner is split into two so the A/C unit can be placed elsewhere in the room, not only in the window. Instead, the compressor, condenser and expansion valve are installed outdoors. The air conditioning unit can be placed on any wall in the house and is more powerful, so it can cool up to two rooms at once.
  • Packaged air conditioner: If you have a larger space that needs to be cooled, a packaged air conditioner would be a good option. For this kind of cooling system, you have two options: all components in a single box, or the condenser and compressor in one casing with the gas passing through each individual unit that has been placed in various rooms.
  • Central air conditioner: This option is usually for large homes or commercial buildings, as it is comprised of a large compressor that can feed dozens of air conditioners. This makes sense only if your space is very large.

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