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Toms River HVAC Service
2115 Rte 9, NJ 08755

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Furnace Installation

Your Furnace Installation Team in Toms River, NJ

Purchasing a new furnace is never cheap—this piece of your heating system must be safe and high quality. That just makes it all the more important to choose your new furnace wisely and extend the life of your investment for as long as possible. At BC Express in Toms River, NJ, we know you probably haven’t purchased many gas or electric furnaces before—that’s where our expertise comes in.

Our experienced HVAC technicians can not only execute an installation, but also help you understand the process, choose the right furnace for your home, and continue to provide ongoing maintenance so you won’t need a replacement anytime soon. Call our team today for a service visit so we can evaluate and discuss your options after an on-site inspection.

Selecting a New Furnace

Sometimes a new furnace is the only option, but don’t despair—thanks to modern energy-efficient heating technology, it can also be a more cost-efficient one. When it’s time to replace your heating system, BC Express can recommend a furnace for your home that fits your budget and lifestyle. During your on-site estimate, we’ll evaluate the ideal size and power, energy efficiency rating, air quality requirements, and more. Take a look at our HVAC FAQ page to get answers to some of your questions about types of furnaces and how long they should last.

Signs Your Furnace System Needs to be Replaced

If your furnace is showing any of these telltale replacement signs, it’s time to call BC Express.

  • The furnace system is over 12 years old.
  • Your monthly energy costs are increasing without a change in usage.
  • You’ve had multiple furnace repairs within the last few years.
  • The gas burner flame is yellow instead of blue.
  • The furnace makes strange and/or loud noises.
  • Anyone in the household feels ill after running the heat.
  • Your furnace takes a long time to heat up, or the temperature is cool or inconsistent, leaving you and your family cold.

Installing New Ductwork with Your Furnace

Occasionally, you may need our professional team to repair or replace parts of your home’s internal air duct system, along with the furnace itself, to ensure efficient and clean airflow. Depending on your property design, the ductwork will need to be sized correctly and adapted to push air evenly throughout the whole space. This is why an experienced professional should always handle a duct installation project. When ductwork is installed incorrectly, it can leak warm or cool air and draw in dirt particles. All of our HVAC technicians are NATE-certified and ready to take care of your entire installation project.

After Installation Care and Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is an easy yet important way to save you time and money. Customers who follow a maintenance plan recommended by their furnace manufacturer or our team of certified HVAC technicians will enjoy peace of mind and greater monthly energy savings. Read the Furnace Maintenance page to plan for the ongoing care of your new heating system.

Contact BC Express Heating & Air Conditioning today for a more efficient heating system!

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